How to Make Plain Khoya / Khoa / Mawa (Milk Solids)

How to Make Plain Khoya / Khoa / Mawa (Milk Solids)
Plain Khoya / Mawa (Milk Solids) is the base of many indian sweets. Though it is a time-consuming process, they give better taste than store-bought ones. You can also prepare Khoya using Microwave, but i have not yet tried that option. I’m always comfortable with Stove-Top. Khoa gives good result when made from full fat milk (whole milk). Since we are not used to whole milk, i tried it with toned milk. I have been using Toned Milk for all of my indian sweet recipes, which requires mawa or paneer. And i’m always satisfied with its results.
“Khoa is similar to ricotta cheese, but lower in moisture and made from whole milk instead of whey. There are three types of khoya – batti, chickna, and daanedaar.   Batti, meaning “rock,” has 50% moisture by weight and is the hardest of the three types; it can be grated like cheese. It can be aged for up to a year, during which it develops a unique aroma and a mouldy outer surface.  
Chickna (“slippery” or “squishy”) khoya has 80% moisture.  For daanedaar, the milk is coagulated with an acid during the simmering; it has a moderate moisture content. Different types of khoya are used for different preparations. Another quick way of making khoa is to add full fat milk powder to skimmed milk and mixing and heating until it becomes thick. This may, however, not have the same characteristics as traditionally made khoa.” – Wiki Source


How to Make Plain Khoya / Khoa / Mawa (Milk Solids)
How to Make Plain Khoya / Khoa / Mawa (Milk Solids)

Yields 300 gms Mawa (approx)

Preparation & Cooking time : 2 hrs (approx)

Ingredients :

  • 1.5 ltr Milk (i have Aavin Blue Packet Milk)

Method :

  • Heat milk in a pan or heavy bottomed kadai. Once it starts boiling, switch it to medium-low flame and keep stirring. We are doing it to avoid milk sticking to the base of the pan.


  • Whenever milk dries on the sides of pan, scratch it with a flat ladle and keep stirring leaving a gap of 5-10 mins.
  • The milk will continue to reduce half in quantity (may take around 30 mins). Dont stop stirring and also scratch the sides of pan.
  • After some 20-30 mins, the milk will solidify. Now after this stage, you need to carefully stir milk since there are chances of bottom of milk to get burnt. 
  • The milk will start changing its color to pale yellow and thick lumps will start forming. If you want to prepare PalKova, then add sugar at this stage. Otherwise leave it.
  • Keep stirring the milk solids. And once all the water content is completely absorbed and milk solids starts leaving sides of pan, switch off the flame. For me it took around 1 hour and 45 mins to prepare khoya. Store Khoya in an airtight container and keep it refrigerated.
How to Make Plain Khoya / Khoa / Mawa (Milk Solids)
Shelf Life : If refrigerated, it has to be used within one week. If stored at room temp, then use it within 2-3 days.
Notes :
  • It is always recommended to prepare Khoya from Buffalo Milk or Full Cream Milk as it gives good result. I have used Aavin Blue Packet Milk (toned milk).
  • Sugarless Khoya can be used to prepare Halwa, Gujia, Gulab Jamun, Kala Jamun & other Milk Sweets.


How to Make Plain Khoya / Khoa / Mawa (Milk Solids)


How to Make Plain Khoya / Khoa / Mawa (Milk Solids)

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