Saturday, 28 February 2015

Dal, Sambar & Kootu Recipes (Collection of more than 40 varieties)

Dal, Sambar & Kootu Recipes (Collection of more than 40 varieties)

I'm sharing a compilation of more than 40 varieties of Dal, Sambar & Kootu recipes which includes both north-Indian & south-Indian style of cooking. For Indians, Dal or Sambar is a comfort food which can be made in jiffy and not requires much effort. If we fall sick or feel tired, only Dal / Sambar comes in our mind as they are very light and even doctors advice us to take only sambar / dal during sickness. In my house, dal / sambar must be prepared at-least twice or thrice a week. You can prepare watery dal and serve it as soup.
I do hope you all find this list useful. Do share your views and feedback if you try any of these recipes, It will encourage us to share more and more number of varieties.

Dal Recipes
  1. Methi Mooli & Moong Dal / Mullangi Siru Paruppu Curry
  2. Panchratan / Panchratani Dal (Dal made with Five Lentils)
  3. Turai aur Moong ki Dal / Peerkangai Siru Paruppu Dal 
  4. Zucchini Moong Dal (Zucchini & Whole Green Gram Curry)
  5. MTC Dal (Masoor-Toor-Channa Dal)
  6. Green Dal Fry
  7. Dal Tadka
  8. Shajahani Dal
  9. Dhaba Style Dal 
  10. Rajasthani Dal Baati
  11. Masoor Dal (Indian Red Lentil) 
  12. Green Gram Dal
  13. Amritsari Dal
  14. Dal Makhani
Sambar Recipes
  1. Drumstick Leaves / Murungai Keerai Sambar
  2. Mulaikattiya Payatham Paruppu Sambar / Sprouted Moong Dal Sambar
  3. Moong Dal Sambar (Paasi Paruppu / Siru Paruppu Sambar)
  4. Brahmi Leaves / Vallarai Keerai Sambar
  5. Uppu Sambar / Payatham Paruppu Sambar
  6. Udupi Sambar
  7. Mulangi Sambar (Radish Sambar)
  8. Brinjal & Drumstick Sambar - without onion
  9. Bombay Sambar 
  10. Tinda & Nookal Sambar 
  11. Peerkanga Masial Sambar 
  12. Round Cucumber Sambar 
  13. Dry Chili Sambar 
  14. Raw Mango-Nookal Sambar
  15. Amaranths & Toor Dal Curry (SiruKeerai Sambar)
Kootu Recipes
  1. Athikai Kootu / Anjeer Moong Dal / Figs & Split Green Gram Curry
  2. Tomato & Channa Dal
  3. Zucchini Kootu
  4. CCC Kootu (Chow Chow & Carrot Kootu)
  5. Podalanga Kootu 
  6. Podalanga Kootu Poriyal (Snake Gourd Curry)
  7. Green Gram Dal & Chow-Chow Kootu
  8. Green Gram Dal & Lauki Kootu
  9. Spicy Ridge Gourd Kootu (Peerkanga Kootu)
  10. Peerkanga Kootu
  11. Bangalore Kathirikkai Kootu / Chow Chow Kootu
  12. Cabbage with Mung Dal Kootu
  13. Mullangi Keerai Kootu / Radish Greens Poriyal
  14. Podalanga Manathakkali Keerai Kootu (Ash Gourd & Black Nightshade Greens Curry)
  15. Amaranths Kootu (SiruKeerai Kootu)
  16. Vallarai Keerai Paruppu Kootu / Brahmi Leaves Curry

Friday, 27 February 2015

Broccoli Masala in Banana Leaf

Broccoli Masala in Banana Leaf
Broccoli Masala in Banana Leaf

Broccoli Masala in Banana Leaf, today I'm sharing a very interesting and flavorful Broccoli Masala recipe which is prepared in Banana Leaf. Though Broccoli is very healthy and rich in nutrition, we always considered it as a boring vegetable. This recipe is our recent favorite after Tandoori Spiced Broccoli Sabzi. It is a bit dry masala which goes very well with roti / chapati / pulka.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Methi Garlic Kulcha Recipe

Methi Garlic Kulcha Recipe
Methi Garlic Kulcha Recipe

Methi Garlic Kulcha Recipe, Kulcha is a type of flat bread cooked mainly on tandoor. Since we don't have tandoor at home, you can try to cook with oven or stove top. Kulcha and Naan are somewhat similar except for the difference Naan is cooked using yeast and for Kulcha we use baking powder and baking soda. 
I had already shared the recipe for Aloo Paneer Kulcha. In this recipe, I have used whole wheat flour, so those who want to skip it, replace with maida / refined flour. You can also replace fresh methi leaves with dry fenugreek leaves. But if using dried ones, then rest the dough for 15-30 mins. I have added only 3 tbsp of methi leaves, you can increase the quantity to 1/2 cup for more flavor. We enjoyed this flat bread with Boondi Raita, Pepper Egg Fry & Pattani Salna.